3 in 1 Conditioner - Cedar & Mint

3 in 1 Conditioner - Cedar & Mint

Rose Citron
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Rose Citron 3 in 1 conditioner hydrates hair ends with the power of coconut oil, untangles your hair, and can be used as a moisturizing mask to treats split hair ends. Use overnight and rinse in the morning.

Comes in a 250ml Mason jar

How to Use

recommended to only apply to mid length to the tip of the hair. 

Moisturizing Mask: Apply to the tip of your hair overnight and rinse in the morning. 



Aloe vera – Keeps the hair soft

 Rosmarinus officinalis cineoliferum (rosemary) water extract – Untangles your hair

 Cocos nucifera (coco) oil – Hydrates hair

 Olea europaea (olive) oil – Soothes scalp and tames frizzy hair

 Behentrimonium methosulfate, cetearyl alcohol (BTMS) – conditioner and hair de-tangler composed from 75% coconut and 25% Colza oil.

 Helianthus annuus (tournesol) oil – Vitamine E, hydrates and softnen the hair

 Potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate – plant base preservative

 Guar gum