COVID-19 - An update to our valued customers

Given the recent developments related to COVID-19, we have implemented some changes to assure the safety of the public and ourselves. Here are some measures we have implemented this week:

  1. From now on, we will only deliver products to your porch, we will not knock or ring, but just like before, the moment your delivery is dropped off, we will send you an email to say your delivery has arrived. If you live in an apartment building, we will ring to have front doors opened, but afterwards, delivery will be left in front of your door.

As a precaution with all deliveries from us or any other sources, make sure to disinfect the surface of all packages you receive.

  1. You may leave the empty Mason Jars on your porch or door for them to be picked up, if you may have been exposed or feeling any symptoms, we ask that you keep the Jars for now, and leave them for us to pick up in the future.
  1. In order to keep everyone safe, all Mason jars that are picked up will be washed, disinfected, and kept in storage for 30days. After the 30days, they will be again disinfected, and re-used.
  1. Finally, in the circumstance that someone at Joey’s Eco-Refill develops symptoms, we will stop delivering immediately and refund any non-delivered items.

Also, please note that demand for our soaps and detergents to be delivered have had a sharp increase. Many customers that are more vulnerable than others and unable to go out to buy supplies rely on services like ours. To be able to meet demand to as many people possible, we have removed all bundles from our site and ask that you only buy what you need.


We thank you for your understanding 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us directly at


Joey Lapierre-Deroy, Owner and Founder